Key Master
All of the experience at none of the wallet


Key master makes it easy to check game pricing without leaving the Steam store page. It provides a link to the relevant page on the G2Play, Kinguin and G2A key market platforms to make the transition easier between these stores.

Just open a game on the Steam store, and after a second you'll notice the big yellow buttons underneath the Steam "add to cart" button! This extension means to be your main companion in search of games for less!


Free yourself from one vendor by diversifying where you buy your merchandise. Break up the monopoly and grant the community the diversity it deserves.

Using Key Master will save you tons of money by assuring you'll get the best deal. Prices have been found at times undercutting retail by 95%

No more searching around for which vendor has the best offer. All results are presented smoothly in an easy to read format. See what you like? Click the button and you're off.